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Animal Shapes

Animal Shaped Goat Milk Soap

Soap shaped like animals…

— Natural homemade soap made from goats milk:

Cat | Tropical Fish | Butterfly | Horse | Frog | Bear …and more
… we custom make soap for you.

If you do not find the animal you are looking for, just let us know!

Animal Shaped Goat Milk Soap

Animal Shaped Goat Milk Soap Fish

Tropical Fish

Our nat­ural goat milk soap bars weigh 3 ounces. All hand­made Animal Shaped Goat Milk Soap bars and molded soaps are avail­able unscented or con­tain­ing high-quality essen­tial and fra­grance oils. Essen­tial oils are derived from plants and may be a bet­ter choice for sen­si­tive skin. Fra­grance oils con­tain some or all syn­thetic com­po­nents but offer a wider vari­ety of scents. If you are look­ing for hand­made goats milk soap for sale, you have came to the right place.

I use high-quality base oils for the soap foun­da­tion. The soap base is mixed with goat milk to make a smooth bar of soap. The color of the soap will be var­i­ous shades of tan to light brown. Hand­crafted soap retains glyc­erin, which is sooth­ing to your skin. The soap lath­ers well and can be used on the face and body. Cus­tom work, includ­ing mold designs, fra­grances, or soap sizes, is avail­able. E-Mail me regard­ing whole­sale orders.

If you are look­ing for cus­tom Animal Shaped Goat Milk Soap, all veg­etable soaps with or with­out goat milk can be made by spe­cial order.
Please contact Nature’s Echo for more details.


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